Hi πŸ™‚

So assignments had me drowning the last few weeks, with two huge geography deadlines the last 2 Fridays my life has been less than fun! But oh what a feeling getting it all done! I can only imagine how amazing Graduation is going  to feel!

Anyway I have started reading this awesome book, Mind Power for children by John Kehoe,  it’s about the power of a positive mind, and it makes sense! Bailey and I have started doing affirmations and visualisations, if anything it’s been uplifting πŸ™‚ I’m 3/4 through the book, can’t wait to be done! I also started reading The Creators of ADHD on Trial by Susan du Plessis & Dr Jan Strydom (ed.), it’s always nice to understand different ideas of these issues we face in the 21st century. This book claims discipline to be a solution, I’ll let you know if it’s any good πŸ™‚

Bailey started potty training last week and so far so good, 9 days on and we’ve had one accident in underwear and no wees in the pull ups, so yay for successful potty training! 

Exams start next week, trying to stay positive about getting enough studying done, Mind Power!!

My creative brain is having some fun converting our spare room/ office/ dump site into a classroom space for Bailey. I’m currently painting a shelving/ cupboard unit, I’m also always on the lookout for “school supplies”, Osmans has been surprisingly helpful with affordable educational puzzles (Bailey lives for puzzles!) and I love their range of educational homework type revision books! Second hand shops also have some gems!

Hubby is doing well, he’s starting a social media course soon, so we’re excited to see what that’s about πŸ™‚

I, and a few other ladies, hosted a friends babyshower over the weekend, so much fun! And what a pleasure and honour to do something for such lovely people. Ange & Zunaid we can’t wait to meet the litte guy πŸ™‚

So we’re alive, finding time to breath, and I am now just willing away October and November when I will be done with exams and event planning! I am focusing on finally getting B’s school space set up by the time she finishes up at Daycare mid December. Between exams and work stress I will enjoy preparing myself for the job of teacher mom πŸ™‚ How blessed am I that I am going to have this opportunity to be with my B! Exciting times ahead indeed πŸ™‚

Okay that’s it for now folks
The End
(that was hubby’s contribution)


6 months of busyness

Hello πŸ™‚

So it’s been 6 months that I have neglected the blog, well 4 months and then another 2 months. 2 months ago I wrote a lengthy blog about all that had been happening, but thanks to a technical glitch the blog disappeared before it made it to the interweb,  I was sad, and busy… so I am trying again now!

Briefly this time, I don’t trust the wordpress app after last time!

In the last 6 months Miss B has been in hospital twice, she & I flew back home for 12 days, I wrote exams, I completed my teaching practicals, my granny visited for 2 weeks and just in general, LOTS has happened!

You can kind of say our whole lives have changed in the last 6 months, we have finally decided to move abroad, me teach English and Chad homeschool Miss B & do freelance work. The plan is set and there is no turning back, in September next year we will start a fresh new life in a foreign country! Yes it’s only in a years time, but how fast does a year go by! In the next 8 months I need to finish my degree, complete my TEFL certificate and sell up our entire life’s belongings… The thought is scary as hell and I hope I don’t go into panic mode, burry my head in the sand and only address all these tasks at the last minute, which is probably what will happen!! But the plan is there, we always get to where we are headed and this will be no different, we are super excited for the adventures that we have yet to experience, and I can’t wait to blog about it all!

To the family and friends that read/ will start reading the blog, I hope to make you feel like you are on the other side of the world with us πŸ™‚

I promise to start making the blog a priority πŸ™‚

Just an idea of things to come on the blog…
I’m going to be a homeschooling mom!
Unisa, nightmare or blessing?
Random posts with photos of the day, because they are fun:)
I’m also doing some planning for a few work events so I think some reviews should be lined up!

Fun times!
Stay smiling πŸ™‚

I am a Superwoman

What a crazy 2 weeks it has been, with assignments due and poor Miss B catching germs twice, this life of a working/studying/housewife mom is not for the weak! It is weeks like these that I really wish I had my aunts or granny around to call on to help out. But we manage just fine eventually, and we may not have a meal of meat and veggies freshly cooked every night, but that is OK! I am blessed with a husband who has never EVER complained about cup a soup or 2 min noodles for dinner, and my daughter actually enjoys the quickest meals, i’m sure as an adult she will never again eat fish fingers, but for now she loves them and I love that!


At bible study this week I cooked a delicious ostrich mince stew with roast veg and rice, a friend of mine called me superwoman, I made it a joke because who actually wants to call themselves Superwoman right? That’s just conceited and I can think of hundreds of things that make me far from Superwoman, but it got me thinking. I thought about how as woman we do not allow ourselves the small victories, we aim high so we expect to achieve high. I have personally set goals such as achieve nothing less than distinctions, run a successful small business from home, as well as keep all my ducks in a row at my real day job (the one that pays the bills). I believed that my daughter of 22 months would already be learning bad habits if there were dishes in the sink at any given time, I would not settle for being anything less than the best mom so I beat myself up about any mess and chaos in our home. I have beat myself up and fallen into a trap of guilt when I have not achieved (or not over achieved) and even if one aspect of my life is all on track I do not celebrate it if there is something else I am lacking in. Now we all know that none of the above are possible if you want to still be a relatively happy individual. (Life is NOT all work and no play when you have an almost 2 year old, there is lots of play, and it should be enjoyed!) But getting back to us women, we are Superwomen and we need to celebrate even the smallest victories!

My Superwoman moment was on Friday and related to my studies.


Over the years of studying I have convinced myself that I work best under pressure, and so I leave assignments and exams to the last minute, it has worked. so far. This last assignmentΒ has me on the edge of my seat as I wait for the marks to come in. So I opened the assignment on Monday and glanced over it. got scared and closed it. Tuesday I glanced over the study guide and text book material. got scared and closed it. Wednesday I completely ignored it and Thursday I was busy with work. So Thursday night I decided that I would dedicate every last minute of Friday to this assignment and I would have it submitted by 12pm! This is as far as I have ever pushed my luck, I always had some idea of what I was doing at least a week before it was due. Anyway I woke up on Friday and took Bailey to school, she was a bit fluey but I figured she always pepped up at school when she was having fun with her friends. I got home and I opened the studyguide her day mom called to say she was coughing too much and I must please fetch her. My heart stopped, but I knew it would all be OK. B and I spent the day playing with puzzles and stickers and my darling husband came home at 3:30 to take her off my hands so I could get my assignment started, but the little monster did not want Daddy and there was nothing I could do about it. Chad stepped up and said he would do the assignment, he started it 5 and I took over at 7:30 when Bailey was in bed. With 4 hours left to study, understand and write 1200 word essay the pressure was ON! Bailey didn’t make it easy though, as you know the nose always gets blocked at night and the coughing worse, but my champ of a husband was so patient with her and I got the essay done by 11;45pm! I had a bit of a ‘hells yeah I’m superwoman!’ moment.

I don’t plan on cutting things so close again, it wasn’t fun, and I don’t feel like I learned anything, so am still at a disadvantage for my exam, so everything will have to be re-learnt! Fun times!! But the point is I rocked the situation, got the job done, and I am going to be proud of myself! I am also going to be proud of myself more often, and I am going to encourage more women to see their small victories as VICTORIES! It’s really all about being more positive, I could have beat myself up that I let it get to the situation it did, it was my fault the assignment was not done the day before it was due, but life happens and its how you deal with the challenges that counts.

Thanks again to my partner in crime, without your support being Superwoman would be a lot harder!

I love you & miss B so much ❀

I found these pictures to be appropriate, I hope they will give you a giggle πŸ™‚

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Artsy genes

Hi πŸ™‚ This afternoon I fetched Bailey a little early from Daycare because she has a bit of a cold and because I am finally up to date with my financial year end πŸ™‚ We had a lovely time playing in her bedroom with her books and her hats (she loves hats) and obviously we played puzzles (she has a crazy love for puzzles), it was such a happy afternoon that I was inspired to write a blog about my Miss B. (There will obviously be lots more of these πŸ™‚ )

I am always happiest when I am engrossed in something creative, be it painting, crafting, scrapbooking, basically doing fun stuff with my hands and my right brain, then I am at peace. Like many woman I have wondered if my daughter will follow in my footsteps and love the same things I am passionate about. I have daydreamed about making art and doing crafts with Bailey since the day we found out our little bean was a girl. I had always pictured myself having a daughter, Never had I ever even considered what it would be like to have a son, I didn’t even know how I would feel if we were told we were having a boy, because I think I always just knew I would have a daughter. Is that weird?

Anyway, Bailey is all I could ever want in a daughter, her confidence and abilities amaze me every day. I am loving watching my little masterpiece grow up so beautifully, and I am thoroughly enjoying every new phase we move into. At 22 months we can finally understand each other properly! I can not even begin to tell you how much I am loving the talking! Bailey has a very good vocabulary, (I honestly only put this down to always talking to her like a human and no baby talk- this is something I feel strongly about and will most likely blog about it in the near future πŸ™‚ ), so being able to talk to Bailey and understand her responses is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Just a few months ago I remember the temper tantrums because I could not understand her, she was terribly frustrated, but now the words are coming out left, right and centre. She is such a chatterbox now! And the tantrums are almost non existent πŸ™‚

But back to the point of this blog, would Bailey be a creative ‘Genius’ like her mother?

Right now I am going to say YES! πŸ™‚ Bailey loves art, looking at it and making it πŸ™‚ She often gets to spend extra time doing her art in class because she enjoys it so much, what a little star!

These photos were taken a while ago when we did a quick painting on a rainy day. I am studying teaching so I obviously take every opportunity to teach Bailey something new, and what better way to do this than with fun stuff! All the while she was painting we were chatting about the rain outside and how it makes us wet if we don’t use an umbrella etc etc, I’ve always spoken to her in great detail about stuff, like I mentioned, I think it’s starting to pay off πŸ™‚

So this is Bailey painting and thoroughly enjoying it…



And this is an artwork she did at school. (I didn’t crop this because I love our family photo and her prints that she did a year ago, we actually measured her feet up against this picture today and it’s amazing how much their little hands and feet grow in a year!!)


She loves showing me her artworks when I fetch her from Daycare, and this one was my favourite. She was the only child that used just one colour of material to make the baby’s blanket, all the other children chose mixed fabric pieces from the pile that was all mixed up, I don’t know why she picked out all the yellow pieces, maybe she liked that they were plain, maybe she just didn’t like the patterns on the other pieces, whatever made her decide to make hers so differently is exactly why I love her, she is her own little person and she has an intriguing mind, which I am loving getting to know!

Miss B, when you read this one day, know that I am proud of you every day, and nothing will ever change that!

Okay now I must get to bed, with assignments submitted and my last day “off” tomorrow before my last teaching prac begins next week, I am SUPER excited for this weekend! Although we can’t do too much exciting stuff in the rain,Β Cape Town desperately needs a few solid days of it to put these fires out, so we are praying for rain and lots of it!

Have a safe weekend!

❀ T

A bit of an introduction.

Hi πŸ™‚

So this is kind of scary, starting a blog again, and the first post is super scary, what do I say that is worthy of being in a first blog post!? This is why I have been delaying this process of actually writing my first post.

So here I am, doing it at last.


Who am I?

I am a wife & mom, I work with numbers but my heart longs to be creative, so I am studying to be a teacher and hopefully one day I will teach art… but there is so much more exciting stuff to come before that πŸ™‚

Who am I wife & mom to?

I am blessed beyond words to have a loving & faithful husband, Chad. Our daughter, Bailey Indigo, is our masterpiece and I thank God every day for her health and happiness. They are my life, without them I am lost.

Why am I starting a blog?

I would like to keep a diary of special times in our lives, for B to look back on one day.

I need a creative outlet while I write my (hopefully) last year of my degree. The last 3 and a half years studying through UNISA have been exceptionally tough, I would not advise doing this particular degree through UNISA, I can not speak for other courses, but the Bachelor of Education degree has been very frustrating! UNISA will definitely be getting a few of their very own posts on this blog!

And finally, it is a challenge for me. And who doesn’t love a challenge!

What am I going to blog about?

My life, hence the diary part (above).

Things I have to say.

There may be a few craft/ DIY/ tutorial posts now and then.


So that’s it for now, hubby has just made me tea, and b is still napping, later we are off on an adventure, not sure where, but a nice forest walk sounds fun πŸ™‚

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon πŸ™‚

❀ T